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Hello there!

I am an award winning photographer that was raised in the heartland of the Midwest in rural Indiana. My love of photography started several decades ago when I took photographs of my flower gardens. What started out as a couple of pictures here and there turned into an obsession for photography. In fact, my friends and family will tell you I always have my camera in hand!

My passion for photography and travel has allowed me to capture the world's beauty with my vision through my lens. I find it gratifying that I am able to share this vision with others. I hope that as you look at my work, you'll be able to see the beauty and wonder of the simple things in life.

I am a photographer that likes to push the envelope. I am always looking for learning opportunities for growth and knowledge. I am currently in the Photography Program at Joliet College to expand my knowledge and abilities.

I am a member of the Plainfield Art League, so you will find my work exhibited and for sale around Plainfield, Illinois. Any of my work displayed in my online gallery is for purchase and available in several options.

Please feel free to leave any comments on my work, as I always enjoy feedback. I am always striving to better my skills!

Thanks for visiting my website and enjoy the photographs!

All images are the exclusive property of Melissa A. Lane and are protected under U.S. and International Copyright Laws, all rights reserved. Any reproduction, copying or distribution without written permission is strictly prohibited. Please contact me personally regarding any licensing and/or publishing inquiries.


Melted by Melissa Lane


Shine on Me by Melissa Lane


Wildcat Sparkle by Melissa Lane


Solitude by Melissa Lane


Vintage 40 Ford Truck Christmas by Melissa Lane


1872 by Melissa Lane